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August 11, 2021:  The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a Public Health Order that beginning August 12 all California school staff must either be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit weekly negative tests.

  • NEW* Protect YOURSELF and YOUR LOVED Ones.  Get a flu shot.  Several locations (for KP members HERE).

  • NEW* CVS/Aetna HealthHUB.  Health care closer to home.  On site services and nurses.  Available 7 days a week.  Information and locations.

  • NEW* LRR Meet&Greet site visit schedule for October.  Click HERE.

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October 13, 2021:  Mediation Update

Your negotiations team did its utmost to get you the raise you deserve. The District refused to move on its offer to you, the membership, and did not participate in mediation with an open and honest mind. THEY ARE MORE WILLING TO GIVE SUBSTITUTES 16% PAY INCREASE. 


The fight is not over.  WE need You to come out at next week's Board meeting  and apply the pressure to them to pressure the District.

September 2, 2021:  Negotiations mediation between CSEA Chapter 2 and the District will be on October 13, 2021.  Two State mediators will be present.

June 11, 2021:  The LBUSD Negotiations team, under the direction of the Board Of Education, rejected any and all open offers as of June 11, 2021, including CSEA's proposal of 7 cents on the dollar.


All Long Beach Chapter 2 meetings via Zoom will now require to sign in to a free Zoom account.  Go to Zoom.us and create your free account if you don't have one yet.  Long Beach Chapter 2 meeting registrations will close at 1:00 pm on the day of the meeting to allow time to verify attendees.

  • CalPERS Pre-Retirement Webinars Fall 2021 - Learn about the state of CalPERS, what benefits are available to you now and in the future, what information CalPERS uses to calculate your retirement, retirement options, CalPERS Power of Attorney, estimate your benefits, benefits of staying a member of CSEA when you retire by joining the CSEA Retiree Unit, and more.  Multiple days available, pre-registration REQUIRED.  Click HERE.


  • Labor Relations Representative (LRR) Meet&Greet.  Meet our new LRR.  She will be going around different schools and sites.  See the schedule HERE.

  • October 21 CHAPTER Meeting - Thursday, October 21, 2021 starting at 5:15 pm via Zoom.  Status may change depending on COVID19 and our Chapter 2 C&Bs restrictions.

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June 10, 2021 Chapter Meeting - Article II proposed amendment by Sergio B. (Date posted: 8/31/2021)


February 2 Special CHAPTER Meeting "APPROVED" 2021 Budget >>> REQUEST A COPY HEREFor Chapter members in GOOD STANDING only.

Message from CSEA Legal Department 12/05/2020:

Message from the Chapter Unit Vice Presidents:

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